our CSR

1- Contributions to Society

2- Health & Safety Management

3- Contributions to Society

4- Social Contributions

Contributions to Society

We strive to build and maintain great relationships with all of our Partner and Supplier We work to improve quality and thus achieve customer satisfaction.We promote fair and open procurement activities.We strive to make our company an inspiring and attractive one csr Cambodia .

Health & Safety Management

1- Corporate Health & Safety Policy

2- Basic Principles of Industrial Health and Safety

Based on an understanding of the importance of human life as its basic principle, VRK thoroughly implements safety-first planning and construction and fulfills its social responsibilities as a company in the construction industry out of respect for the law. VRK aims to protect the health and lives of employees and workers and makes efforts to build a more comfortable working environment csr Cambodia.

Action Guidance

Development of a comfortable working environment Improvement of health & safety management guidelines Improvement of health & safety management abilities of overseas group companies

Health & Safety Management System and Activities

VRK has established and Follow internation Rule, VRK Occupational Health & Safety Management System with respect for human lives and a law-abiding spirit as its basic principle. With the Information and improvement technologies relating to safety management as well as past cases of industrial accidents are disclosed on the Internal Safety Website for all employees to share and put into practice.Worksites, offices and subcontractors join forces to prevent industrial accidents by engaging in their own safety risk-mitigation activities to reduce disaster risks at their construction sites. As a result of endeavors to achieve its highest priority goal of zero fatal and serious industrial accidents.

Basic Policy

Under the VRK Management Vision, VRK positions the community and society as important stakeholders and proactively promotes activities to respect culture and customs as well as contribute to their development in addition to participation in community and social contribution activities. VRK is conducting various activities toward resolution of issues faced by communities and society and their development as a member of society (corporate citizen) that builds a favorable relationship with communities and society and coexists harmoniously with society.

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・Donation to The Institute of Technology of Cambodia
・Donation to the Cambodian people at remote provinces, Takeo, Kampong Speu, Kampot, Prey Veng, Kampong Chhanang.


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